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We capture CO2 using the blades of wind turbines.

This fusion of proven technologies from the wind and carbon capture sectors promises to deliver the next generation of self-sustaining direct air carbon capture.

Our Solution

Our proprietary wind turbine blades enable us to capture carbon dioxide from the air that flows through the turbine. At the same time, the turbine continues to generate power from the wind. We use the generated power to purify the carbon dioxide and regenerate the chemical we use to capture it. This creates a self-powered, cyclic process that removes large volumes of carbon dioxide from the air.

Revolutionary Wind Turbine Blade with Built-in CO2 Capture: Retrofit Your Existing Turbines for Self-Powered Carbon Sequestration.


Three Breakthroughs



As we use the power generated by the turbine to regenerate the capture chemical and purify the carbon, we deliver up to 10x reductions to the operating costs associated with Direct Air Carbon capture.


The beauty of our solution is it is self-sustaining

Self-sustainability carbon capture with WindCapture blades


Natural scalability is an intrinsic property of our turbine blades. The image shows an exponential scaling curve and a wind turbine

Natural Scalability

Our technology takes advantage of a unique property of wind turbines: when you increase the blade length, you square the airflow over the blades. This means that doubling our blade length will quadruple the amount of carbon captured.

Our solution is inherently scalable


Rapid Production for Rapid Roll-out

Our blades and capture mechanism can be rapidly produced, delivering significant cost advantages and reducing the time it takes to install new capacity. We will retrofit our blades to existing wind turbines. This bold plan allows us to take advantage of existing infrastructure to rapidly build carbon capture capacity while breathing new life into older, obsolete turbines. As wind energy moves offshore, we aim to capitalise on a large stock of existing turbines left onshore.

Our retrofitting deployment model accelerates our CDR mission


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